A PEEK into the future of eye health



PEEK (portable eye examination kit) consists of potentially life-changing mobile apps and clip-on hardware designed by eye surgeons, engineers and developers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the University of Strathclyde and the Glasgow Center for Ophtalmic Research.

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What Ebola error in Dallas shows: Column

Dr. Robert Wachter a leading authority in patient safety analizes the Ebola error in Dallas in “USA Today”


Improving Diagnostic Image: bladder pain but something more


A 59-year-old man had a diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer. He referred hypogastric pain, like “cramps”, when he was going to the toilet. But the pain has also relation with the movement of his right leg…

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Framing bias: a case for rectorragia



In a morning during a hand-off in a hospital the doctor leaving after duty passed  the information to the next doctor about a 72-year-old patient with rectorragia. The second doctor was only aware about the hemoglobin level and he indicates a transfusion, but the patient continued with rectorragia with a dark-red colour…

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How Doctors Think? brochure by Geeta Singhal, MD

A brochure elaborated by Geeta Singhal, MD, presented at The 7th International Conference of Diagnostic Error in Medicine. A clear and nice summary of the most important cognitive bias in clinical reasoning and key references.

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