Unexpected finding: choroidal metastases


Ocular symptoms in cancer patients are a real diagnostic challenge nowdays for two reasons: the first one because the new drugs used in Oncology have a high rate of ocular toxicity, and the second one because a choroidal metastases is a very uncommon event…

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Mind maps in Medicine


Mind mapping, developed by Tony Buzan, is a method to show information selecting key words or, in Medicine,key signs or symptoms in a graphic way, looking for a better description and an easier way of learning. I have to confess that I,ve never seen this method in the everyday teaching but I think is worth considering…

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Pattern recognition or Patient recognition?: a real clinical improvement


The Diagnostic Improvement theory is based in the assumption that two factors are involved in a diagnostic failure, the system, or the external environment, and the cognitive process of pattern recognition and decision making. Can we select a simple rule with an important impact for improvement?… Continue reading